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ZAP Information

What does ZAP stand for? Zeroes Aren’t Permitted

What is a ZAP?

If a student does not turn in an assignment (forgets to do it, leaves it at home, etc.) a ZAP may be issued for that assignment. It entitles the student to make up the assignment for full credit and turn it in at a later time. The amount of extra time given will be determined by the teacher. The price for that ZAP is one hour of detention.

What is the purpose of the ZAP program?

Teachers record student grades for homework assignments, projects, tests, quizzes, etc. on a regular basis. An assignment that is not turned in at the appropriate time is entered into the grade book as a zero. Zeroes can greatly affect an overall student grade percentage in a negative manner. Although we at the 6th Grade Center try to teach responsibility on a daily basis, we also realize that students may not turn in an assignment from time to time. ZAPs are an attempt to give students a second chance to earn a grade for an assignment while still trying to teach them that there are consequences for their actions.

How many ZAPs can a student get in a semester?

During the first semester, students are allowed up to 3 ZAPs from each teacher. Most students will go an entire semester without a single ZAP. During the first semester, teachers will issue a ZAP and attempt to contact a parent/guardian to schedule a detention time for the student. Detention can be done before school at 7:00 a.m. or after school from 2:50 until 3:45. After school

transportation will be the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian.

During the second semester, more responsibility is shifted to the student. Students will still be allowed 3 ZAPs for each class. However, teachers will issue the student a ZAP form to be taken home. The parent/guardian can then call to schedule a time for detention. Parents may call918- 274-3020 to schedule the detention time. There is the obvious potential that parents may never see the ZAP form, in which case, a zero will be entered for the missing assignment. Parents are encouraged to monitor their student’s grades via the Parent Portal

Note to Parents: It is necessary to have parent confirmation when scheduling detention. Please do not tell your student to stay for detention without notifying the school that they will be staying 918-274-3020.