Mrs. Tracey Purdum » Welcome to 6th Grade!

Welcome to 6th Grade!

  Mrs. Purdum - Science 
  Plan Period: 5th Hour

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,  


Welcome! I am excited so to meet you this year!  Science concepts taught at the 6th Grade Center will build on ideas and knowledge gained at the elementary school level. We will cover aspects of physical, life and earth science.  We will also work on life skills, such as communication, organization and collaboration.  

  6th Grade Science Units:  Safety and Procedures, Equipment, Metric Measurement, States of Matters,     
Atoms, Sound and Light Waves, the Rock Cycle, Geologic Time Scale, Earth Systems, Earth's Surface and   Plate Tectonics, Weather and Climate, Ocean Currents, Thermal Energy, Cells and Body Systems.

       About Mrs. Purdum...

This is my 6th year teaching at the 6th Grade Center and my 8th year working for the Owasso School District.  I moved to Oklahoma in 2004 and began teaching 5th & 6th Grade in Claremore.  I received my teaching degree from Florida State University, but I am originally from England. I moved to the United States in 1995.  Before becoming a teacher, I was a member of the British Royal Navy.  I have been fortunate enough to be a part of many wonderful things while serving in the navy including meeting Prince Charles and working at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.  I met my husband, who is a Claremore native, while working for N.A.T.O. in Naples, Italy.  My husband spent 14 years in the U.S. Navy and within that time, we have lived in 7 states including Florida, California, Washington, Texas, Mississippi, Illinois and of course, Oklahoma!  We have three children -  Jacob, who just graduated from Law School at The University of Tulsa, Jonathon, who is attending Tulsa Community College, and Sophie, who is a 7th grader this year. In regards to science, I have been fortunate enough to attend some amazing professional development. I have attended NASA’s Space Camp for Educators, Starbase’s Outreach Teacher Training Program, OERB Training and "Sense"sational Science (a 2 week science course involving integrating STEM in the classroom). This year, my goal is for your child to have a wonderful 6th grade science experience and that each child leaves with a greater appreciation and understanding of the subject. 

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