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My name is Sidney Sanchez and I've been teaching at Owasso 6th Grade Center since 2016. Below is a list of the different topics we will be learning throughout the year. 

Class:  Science

Plan Period:  5th period 12:40-1:40


In 6th grade, we learn lab safety and equipment.  We work on reading skills with scientific prefixes and suffixes and reading scientific content. Our content takes an integrated approach, which includes physical science, earth science, and life science.  We learn scientific processes and thinking.  We learn life skills, such as collaboration within groups, communication, organization.  You won't see a ton of homework, but we are learning through "doing science".  It is sooo amazing what they learn this year! 


Science Methods and Lab Equipment

Thermal Energy and Matter

Light & Sound Waves

Water Cycle & Climate

Plate Tectonics & Geo-Time Scale

Natural Hazards

Cells & Human Body Systems

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