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Advanced Science is 1st - 3rd hours          On-level Science is 4th & 6th hour


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phone – (918) 274-3020 extension 1930

Welcome to the 6th Grade Center!  


Overview:  In 6th grade, we learn lab safety and equipment.  We work on reading skills with scientific prefixes and suffixes and reading scientific content.  We learn how to support a scientific claim with evidence.  Our content takes an integrated approach, which includes physical science, earth science, and life science. Our units are:

    Lab Safety and Lab Equipment

    Scientific Processes & Methods

    Thermal Energy

    Weather and Climate


    Geoscience & Plate Techtonics

    Cells & Body Systems - Microscopes


FAQ - What if my student didn't give me the back to school letter about Mrs. Sander's class?

I included a copy of the letter I sent home on this site.  Look to the box on the left hand side of this page. 


FAQ - What's the Difference between Advanced and On-Level Science: Success in this class: Advanced classes are larger in class size with usually 25 - 30.  Students tend to be very verbal.  The content is the same, but often taught at a faster pace with less review.  There will be some additional experiences and required projects.  Students need to be in regular or advanced math to stay on this track as math and science go “hand in hand”.  If you feel your child will not learn best in this environment or lacks the follow-through for the extra projects, moving them to a regular science class is easily done through the counselor’s office.  Students adjust quickly.  If you are unsure, please contact me to discuss their best placement.