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Meet Your Library Media Specialist: Ms. Greenlee!

Hello!  My name is Angela Greenlee and I am the Library Media Specialist here at the Owasso 6th Grade Center.  I am so excited to start a new school year and I know that we are going to have a wonderful year! 
This is my third year at the Owasso 6th Grade Center. I love books and I love to read! I completed my MS in Library Media and Information Technology degree in 2011 from NSU and I am thrilled to be in the library. 

Goals for this year:

  • I am so excited to share my love of reading with Owasso 6GC students and talk about books with all of you!!!

  • I want to make the library a safe, fun, and interactive space for everyone to enjoy.

Library Policies & Procedures

How do I check out a book?
Take the materials you would like to check out to the circulation desk. A library aid will ask you for your student ID number. Books in the General Collection may be checked out for two weeks with one renewal.
How many books may I check out?
The usual limit is two. If you have an overdue book, you will not be able to check out another book until the book is returned. If you have lost books or fines from your elementary school, you will need to take care of those or it could change how many books you may check out. Fines for lost books may be paid through the Parent Portal.
How do I return books?
Books are to be placed in the book drop at the circulation desk. Never just lay them on the desk or somewhere in the library. This includes if you change your mind about a book. Please place it in the book drop and do not try to reshelve the book.
There are no late fees but if a book is lost or damaged it will need to be replaced. To find out the replacement cost, see Ms. Greenlee.
Remember - it is important to take care of our library books. We are all sharing these books so please be kind to them.

When can I visit the library?

  • You may visit the library with permission from your teacher during class time.

  • When you visit the library with your English class for a lesson or activity.

  • When you have permission or you are told you will meet in the library for a meeting or activity.

When you can not visit the library

  • We can not pass through the library to get to classes on the other side of the building. (What if everyone did that?)

  • Before school, all students will wait in the Gym to be dismissed and after lunch, students may stay in the cafeteria or go outside for few minutes if there is time left.

Library Behavior Expections

  • How will we treat each other?

    • Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

    • Respect

  • Use your inside voice

  • Always walk - never run.

  • How will we treat the library?

    • Books, computers, chairs/couches, pillows, desk bikes, supplies, book displays, etc. - with care.