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Principal's Message

Welcome to the Owasso Sixth Grade Center! Thank you for visiting our website.

The Sixth Grade Center team is looking forward to another successful school year in 2024-25!

This is the first year the Class of 2031 will share the same building! As our site mission statement begins: “Our purpose is to come together as Owasso Rams…” This “transition” year from elementary school to middle school will be a rewarding process. Students will learn from a talented faculty and make new friends.

All students will participate in a rigorous high school preparatory curriculum. Students will be enrolled in four core classes. These include English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies (Western Hemisphere Geography).  Advanced and on-level classes are available in our core subjects. Students will also take two elective courses.  Multiple elective classes are offered including Band, Vocal Music, Creative Writing, Visual Art, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), Technology, Physical Education, Native American Literature and Leadership.

Finally: Did you know, Owasso is a Native American word meaning “End of the Trail”? Leaving elementary school and entering the Sixth Grade Center is definitely not the “end of the trail,” but rather a time of new beginnings!

For more detailed information on the Sixth Grade Center, be sure to review the student handbook and other information located under the “Parents” tab on this website. 

We look forward to working with the Class of 2031 as we make this school year a fulfilling and memorable one.

Go Rams!

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